200h Ashtanga Teacher Training Course with Chuck Miller.08-24-19

Sama-Ashtanga Yoga: Sama Vinyasa, Breath, Roots, Core Teacher Training Course, 200 hrs with Chuck Miller.

200 hrs TTC: Fine Yoga Retreat Hubei, China. August 24th, 2019 to September 28th, 2019.

Chuck Miller:”I care about Ashtanga Yoga and want to help train teachers who understand the subtle essence of this great practice.
In this great 200 hrs Teacher Training Course We will practice. We will study the practice. We will study the philosophy. We will learn teaching skills.
We will practice teaching on each other.
And We will re-enforce a will to continue a life long process of learning”.


Ashtanga Yoga: Phiolsophy of “8 Limbs.” Patanjali. Shankaracharya.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga: What is “Vinyasa?”

Sama Vinyasa; Breath Roots Core: Sama as direction, Vinyasa as method, BRC as anchors in presence.

SamaVrttiUjjayiPranayama: The first pranayama practice, and the description of breath in Practice.

Sequence: “Traditional Sequence of Ashtanga Vinyasa.” Counting/Chanting/Conducting.

Teaching: Observation, Intention, Direction, Development, Communication, Adjustments.

Yoga Philosophy: Six Dharshana. Samkhya model. PanchaMayaKosha model.

Chanting and discussion: Gayatri and other mantra. Sanskrit, the language of enlightenment.


Pre-course requirements to be completed before the course starts on August 24th, 2019:

Attendance in at least 2 of Chuck’s Intensives or retreats of at least 5 days minimum duration.

Reading assignments: Introductory pages of “Light on Yoga.”

Write for yourself: “What is yoga?” “Why did you begin to practice?” “Why do you continue to practice?” Do you want to teach? Why? What is your current practice? Who have been your first teachers? Who are your primary influences in your practice and in your teaching if you are already teaching?


Chuck Miller has been Practicing Yoga since 1971. Iyengar Yoga since 1974 and Ashtanga Yoga since 1980. Together with Maty Ezraty and Alan Finger, Chuck founded USA’s school YogaWorks in 1987. At a moment in time Chuck Miller practiced 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and the beginning of the 5th Ashtanga series. Chuck has Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’ blessings to teach and now travels from his home in Hawaii to lead workshops around the world. “It is not important how far you go, nor how fast. What is important is that we understand a higher purpose in Yoga, Ahimsa, non-violence! This creates a kind of direction and a quality of Being. These will affect our effort, our ambition, and help in everything we do in our life! This is a real Gift of Yoga.” “SAMA, the Sameness, the Oneness, the Internal Harmony, The Truth of the Universal, and Individual! That they are One! This is Yoga, and also Ashtanga Yoga!”



6 hrs of classes per day (plus homework) with the exception of below DAYS OFF and the final half day:

Start Aug 24th, Saturday morning. Commencement.

Friday, Aug 30th is New Moon (3:38am China time). DAY OFF.

Saturday, Aug 31st full class schedule.

Saturday, Sep 7th DAY OFF.

Friday, Sep13th Full Moon (9:35pm China time). DAY OFF.

Saturday, Sep 14th full class schedule.

Saturday, Sep 21st DAY OFF.

Saturday Sep 28th is a half day. Morning including the Finishing Ceremony.


Time : Aug 24th – Sep 28th, 2019

Price :Full workshop RMB 28.800, Sign up one month before RMB 25.920

Place: Fine Yoga Retreat, Hubei,China .

Prices are exclusive of board and lodging at the retreat.

This workshop is limited to 54 selected students.

Deposit at the time of sign up RMB 3500. Remainder one month prior to commencement date.


Pls call: 139 1176 7529/ 010 8599 9566 to sign up, or email: info@FineYoga.com

Remittance method and account: 1.China Construction Bank Yongan Beijing branch account name:

1.向百年 Credit Card Number:622 2800 0102 4103 4482

2.ICBC Beijing Oriental Media branch account name:向百年 Credit Card Number: 621 5590 2000 0817 9640

3.Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Guanghua Road Branch account name:向百年 Credit Card Number:622 8450 0180 0069 1178

4.WeChat payment No.136 9159 9258 (if you choose to pay WeChat, please add this micro signal direct payment)

5.Alipay;1033262825@qq.com account name:向百年 fineyoga retreat website:(click here to get more pictures)


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