JOHN SCOTT / FINE YOGA SHANGHAI WORKSHOP May 18 – 22 2019    ExtraOrdinary




Patanjali said there were Three Types of Practitioners

The Ordinary, The Disciplined and The ExtraOrdinary

Still today there are AVY Practitioners who don’t know there is a ‘Count’

There are Practitioners who have heard the ‘Count’

There are those Practitioners who ‘Count’

Join John Scott

for this 5 Day (5 mornings and 3 afternoons) Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Counted Method Intensive

John will pass as Guruji* did ‘The Count’, as a practice mantra to the student, for the student to hear, recite and learn. The role of the teacher is to pass the practice technique to the student and for the student to take the method themselves to become independent and accountable to oneself.

* Guruji – Shri K Pattabhi Jois 

The Intensive

Come together as one practice group, grounded, surrounded and protected by the principles of Yoga, Share in a common intension to focus together, to grow together, blossom together and shine together.


Immerse yourself in mantra to discard all distracting thoughts, leaving the ordinary thinking mind behind to flow fully in the senses arriving in the

Present Moment.

This intensive leads you to the door of Infinite Potential, ‘NOW’ is your opportunity to ‘Jump Through’, learn to count, bring your own mind into Deep Focus and Concentration.

Fly above your limited conditioned self and realise the


(depending on the general level of students John will also count into the Nadi Shodana (second) Series).

5-DAY INTENSIVE (5 mornings and 3 afternoons)



8.00 – 10.30 am. Morning Practice     Full Vinyasa Counted Practice.

Name, Number, State 

Every asana starts from Samasthitih – Zero or Shunya (meaning infinite potential) and returns to Samasthitih, giving a Total Number of Vinyasa this is known as a Full Vinyasa. There are many benefits to the full vinyasa; these benefits will come to light when explored in the afternoon technique class.

2.00 – 4.30 pm Afternoon Technique.  Learning to Count & Exploring the Benefits of Full Vinyasa

Theory and Technique

Bring your Yoga Diary to make notes, John will present this lecture/technique class in simple language and he will diagram the secrets of the practice.



8.00 – 10.30 am. Morning Practice.     Full Vinyasa Counted Practice.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The practice of counting continues. Students will be invited to whisper the count along with John. The Counted Mantra is best learnt in 3 stages, first by counting aloud, then counting in a whisper, then counting in thought, eventually to ‘KNOW’ the count and for the count to arise by it self.




8.00 – 10.30 am. Morning Practice.     Vinyasa Counted Practice.

Sharpening the Asi / Sword

śañkhacakrāsi dhāriṇam

In the ‘Opening Practice Mantra vande gurūṇāṃ Patanjali is holding (dhāriṇam) in his hands a Conch Shell (śañkha) a Chakra (cakra) and a Sword (asi) in order to transcend Name, Form, Space & Time the Sword of discrimination must be sharpened. Here the Sword is the Counted Method technique, to cut through the patterns of conditioned thought, the Sword Must be Sharpened!

2.00 – 4.30 pm Afternoon Technique.  Theory, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation 


Bring your Yoga Diary to make notes; John will present the underlying principle of why we practice asana….



8.00 – 10.30 am. Morning Practice.     Vinyasa Counted Practice.

Transcending Name

The practice of counting continues, now in the mind of the teacher and the student. When Both teacher and student are counting there is no separation, No Individual Self, we are of One Thought therefore potentially ONE MIND…..

2.00 – 4.30 pm Afternoon Technique  Theory, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation 


Bring your Yoga Diary to make notes; John will continue his teachings from day three.



8.00 – 10.30 am. Morning Practice.     Vinyasa Counted Practice.Transcending Name and Form.

The practice of counting continues, “GURUJI always said to me: “Counted Method yoga is not exercise it is

Mind Control

This practice method has the potential to transform your practice into a MOVEMENT MEDITATION transcending the limitations of the ordinary thinking mind arriving in the ExtraOrdinary


John Scott

John Scott a dedicated student of yoga since 1987 and direct and dedicated student of Shri K Pattabhi Jois since 1989. He was certified to teach Ashtanga Yoga by Shri K Pattabhi Jois in 1993.

New Zealander by birth, John originally studied Industrial Design both in New Zealand and Australia to graduate with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Industrial Design.


John applies his design awareness and skills very uniquely in the teaching of Ashtanga Yoga.  His highly individual, analytical and sensitive approach touches deeply the students who work with him – resulting in a strong following.  During the past 27 years of his Yoga study, John has become known for his illustrations/charts (line drawings) of Ashtanga Yoga Primary, Intermediate and Advanced Series, which continue to circulate Worldwide, having been published in chart form and then later in Lino Miele’s book “Astanga Yoga.”


John’s experience has also amounted to writing “Ashtanga Yoga” – The essential step-by-step guide to dynamic yoga (Gaia Books) (second edition was out in Jan 2018 again also in Chinese language version translated by Fine Yoga owner Sherri Rao) and also producing a DVD of the ‘Ashtanga Yoga Primary series’.   John continues to write and is in the process of writing another book.

“Currently there are many traditions, styles, and brands of yoga all claiming to be linked back to one or other ancient text and some texts even claim, that yoga has always existed since time immemorial, for me, it is not important how ancient or from which tradition this practice comes from, what is important though, is this method works, it works for me! Does it work for you?” – John Scott

Time :May 18th – 22nd 2019

Price :RMB 4600, Sign up one month before RMB 4100

Place: FineYoga Shanghai (location to be advised)


Pls call: 139 1176 7529/ 010 8599 9566 to sign up, or email:

Remittance method and account: 1.China Construction Bank Yongan Beijing branch account name:

1.向百年 Credit Card Number:622 2800 0102 4103 4482

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3.Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Guanghua Road Branch account name:向百年 Credit Card Number:622 8450 0180 0069 1178

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