John Scott Yoga / FINEYOGA CPD CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENTNovember Thursday 28 – Monday 2 December 20195 FIVE DAY INTENSIVE (This workshop is available only to graduates of John Scott’s 200 hrs TTC.)


CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. It refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience that you gain both formally and informally as you work, beyond your initial TTC training. CPD is important because it provides benefits to the individual teacher, their shala, yoga as a profession and the receiving student. CPD ensures your capabilities keep pace with the current standards of others in the same field. The purpose of professional development is to continue improving individual knowledge and skills in order to increase the standard of Yoga Teaching as the yoga student consciousness and world consciousness continues to expand.Presenting Tutors: John Scott (New Zealand),Vaayu (Korea),Dorothy Loh (Hong Kong).

Vaayu and Dorothy are both SENIOR 500 JSY Teachers.


John Scott

Transcendental Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga…

Presenting the Counted Method of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as practice to explore the philosophical foundations for meditation. A unique opportunity to discover how this method and its many 1% techniques can deepen and expand ones yoga practice and bring a sense of purpose and joy to life.

Plus Revision: 

The GURUJI SUTRAS. Sutra meaning “string” or “thread” sutras are a distinct type of literary composition, of short and straight to the point statements. Guruji gave me many sutras packed with knowledge that I have been exploring, practicing and unraveling for many years and wish to share their wisdom.

ADJUSTMENTS – Protecting Self and Student from Injury,

looking particularly at Kurmasana / Suptakurmasana and Ūrdhva Dhanurāsana, plus Standing Drop Backs and SECOND SERIES ADJUSTMENTS.


Observation and Adjustment to the Postural Type A.P.C. (Anterior pelvis, Posterior pelvis, Complicated).

How to observe the Body Imbalances through Asana

Four Postural Types.

Adjustments for the Type A.P.C.

Anatomy of Free Breathing

Dorothy Loh:

Yoga Composure:

The Work-in process from gross to subtle, from seen to unseen

Strength (gross body) + Pranayama (subtle body) + Mind work (Universal body) = Grace, the state of Sattva (Stability)

Physical strength – 0-50%?

Mental strength – 100%?

Adjustments – bodywork:

– Intimacy and distance

– small body VERSUS big body

– soft and firm touches

– towards a therapeutic approach

YOGA THERAPY as Taught by Manju Pattabhi Jois

1. Yoga must be adapted to the student, NOT, vice versa.

2. Yoga is a therapy, regardless of what form, intensity of practice or levels/series.

3. Yoga is a discipline.

4. Yoga is opportunity, prosperity and unification > heal, balance and unite.

5. Yoga Chikitsa, Nadi Shodana and Sthira Bhaga are ALL yoga therapies.  Asanas in each “Series” should not be seen separately from one series to the other > Practice anything you feel it’s needed to your body!!

Daily Program 

06:00 Teachers Practice *

08:30 General Class – Second Series Development

10:30 Breakfast

11:30 Theory / Technique Lecture 1. John, Vayu, Dorothy.

14:00 Lunch

15:30 Theory / Technique Lecture 2. John, Vayu, Dorothy.


* Teachers practice plus invited student group (the total number of students will be divided by 5 into 5 groups each group will have the experience of practicing with the teachers then assisting the teachers in General Class).

Time : Nov 28th – Dec 2nd, 2019

Price :Full workshop RMB 6000, Sign up one month before RMB 5500

Place: Fine Yoga Retreat, Hubei,China .

Prices are exclusive of board and lodging at the retreat.


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