SAMA ASHTANGA YOGA INTENSIVE Sama Vinyasa Breath Roots Core BY CHUCK MILLER 16-20 Aug 2021

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive by Chuck Miller:Sama Vinyasa; Breath Roots Core. 16-20 Aug 2021 Shanghaitime: 8:30 – 11:30 & 14:30 – 17:306 hrs classes per day.

This event will include a “Morning Practice Session” and an “Afternoon Clinic.”

This workshop is open to all YOGA practitioners.

In the Mornings we develop our practice and we get to see what needs improvement. In the Afternoons we work to polish the difficult areas of our practice an then the next day we do it again. Continuing to Improve ‘little-by-little’ and ‘day-by-day!’ This is what it means to Practice!




Chuck has been Practicing Yoga since 1971. Iyengar Yoga since 1974 and Ashtanga Yoga since 1980.

Starting out with a meditation practice and gradually expanding to include Pranayama, Asana and Yoga Philosophy.

Continuing to be a student, seeking teachers to study under, exploring this ever expanding Universe of what we call Yoga.


“I like to use Ashtanga Yoga to teach YOGA to everyone no matter what experience level or degree of mastery!” There are Universal Principals we can learn that apply to the practice of any Yoga style. It is less important what style you practice, more important how you practice! This workshop is open to all practitioners of YOGA who love to learn.

“It is not important how far you go, nor how fast. What is important is that we understand a higher purpose in Yoga, Ahimsa, non-violence! This creates a kind of direction and a quality of Being. These will affect our effort, our ambition, and help in everything we do in our life!

This is a real Gift of Yoga.”

Morning Practice !

In Morning Practice we see the purpose of Practice. Not with the idea of getting done with it! Not to just ‘do it.’

Rather, to use practice time to do exactly that! PRACTICE!!!


If you ever heard Shri K. Pattabhi Jois speak you heard him say the word ‘PRACTICE!!!” and he was emphatic about it! “You MUST do practice… talking, talking, talking… no use. You must do PRACTICE…!”

We need to understand HOW to practice. We often hear people say “Practice makes perfect!”

Actually, practice makes Permanent, what and how we practice gets re-enforced by that practice.


“Morning Practice Sessions” give us a chance to see where we are. What is our current condition! The condition of the Body and of the Mind!

That is a big part of the purpose of practice! Practice is a Tool for Observation, a Mirror! We need to use it! We need to look in the mirror!

This sounds easier than it is! It is not a normal mirror that you use when you brush your teeth or comb your hair!

It is a Yoga mirror and it is helping you to see what is not usually visible!


It is a kind of magic!

Morning Practice Sessions reveal what we need to work on to improve our practice! This is how it works.

We observe, we make changes and then we observe again… over and over again.

THIS is how practice makes perfect!

Afternoon Clinicswill include any or all of the following:

  • We explore Samasthiti, or Tadasana (Mountain pose) as the Universal Posture. All others come from this. We learn how to find Samasthiti in every pose. This simplifies what we are trying to do at all moments in our practice!
  • Basic principles of Healthy, Natural Alignment in the Body/Mind. Example: Why Alignment is Important!
  • Importance of Breath. How to Practice Breathing in Yoga Asana Practice. How breath practice helps asana practice!
  • SamaVrittiUjjayiPranayama as a description of how we breathe. What it means and the technique will be explored.
  • How Breath is used to create ELONGATION!
  • Understanding the Foundations. Roots press down! Using Gravity to help us Elongate upwards!
  • Bandhas! What they are and how to cultivate them properly. Protecting the weaknesses, Strengthening the Container, Elongating!!!
  • Drishti! Their real purpose. What dristi we use and how. Purpose, to quiet and focus the mind!
  • Looking Inside. The ever deeper purpose of Yoga. To Understand yourself in a more profound and subtle way.
  • Correct effort in asana. The Spirit of Yoga is Ahimsa, non-violent! We can cultivate this with every breath.
  • Raising Consciousness! Expanding the realms we are aware of in Body/Mind!
  • Basic understanding of Correct Use of the Body/Mind, Alignment of:
  • Shoulders and hands, head and neck
  • Spine and pelvis
  • Hip Joints and Sacrum
  • Feet, legs, knees…
  • Using hands on adjustments to help us to Wake up and Learn! For a long, healthy Lifetime of enjoyable Practice!
  • Samastitihi, The Universal Posture, Returning to Balanced, Natural Posture.
  • Samastitihi as the Master pattern of all other postures:
  • The Sama of Forward Bending, Backbends and Twists.
  • Protecting the hips and shoulders in all postures.
  • Avoiding Injuries and recovering faster from the unavoidable.


Time:   16-20 Aug 2021  Shanghai  8:30 – 11:30 & 14:30 – 17:30

Price: Full 5 days workshop:¥4600 – Sign up one month before ¥4100. The price does not include room and board

Address: This workshop will be held in FineYoga Shanghai

Pls call: 139 1176 7529/ 010 8599 9566 to sign up, or email:

Remittance method and account:

1 China Construction Bank Yongan Beijing branch account name:

2 向百年 Credit Card Number:622 2800 0102 4103 4482

3 ICBC Beijing Oriental Media branch account name:向百年 Credit Card Number: 621 5590 2000 0817 9640

4 Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Guanghua Road Branch account name:向百年 Credit Card Number:622 8450 0180 0069 1178

5 WeChat payment No.136 9159 9258 (if you choose to pay WeChat, please add this micro signal direct payment)

6 Alipay; account name:向百年 fineyoga retreat website:(click here to get more pictures)


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