IT’S YOGA KIDS TTC Certification Course With Michelle Wing July 16-20 2021

You’ve graduated from the It’s Yoga Kids Certification Course.  Now what?!  In this 10 hour (1.5 day) workshop, we’ll re-connect, collaborate and problem solve together with IT’S Yoga Kids Founder, Michelle Wing. We’ll cover the age range from babies to teens and families.

-What’s working and what’s NOT working in your classes

-How to successfully market your classes

-Fine tune your teaching cues for appropriate developmental levels

-Connect and create community


Time: July 16-20 2021


Price:  ¥8000. One month before ¥7200,


Place: FineYoga Shanghai


Pls call: 139 1176 7529/ 010 8599 9566 to sign up, or email:

Remittance method and account: 1.China Construction Bank Yongan Beijing branch account name:

1.向百年 Credit Card Number:622 2800 0102 4103 4482

2.ICBC Beijing Oriental Media branch account name:向百年 Credit Card Number: 621 5590 2000 0817 9640

3.Agricultural Bank of China Beijing Guanghua Road Branch account name:向百年 Credit Card Number:622 8450 0180 0069 1178

4.WeChat payment No.136 9159 9258 (if you choose to pay WeChat, please add this micro signal direct payment)

5.Alipay; account name:向百年 fineyoga retreat website:(click here to get more pictures)

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