The subtle beauty of Astanga Yoga with Michael Hamilton


Experience the subtle beauty of using very simple concentration techniques to help bring us into the present moment. Astanga yoga is known for its ability to combine awareness of the breath, the gaze and inner alignment to help us do this.

Listening to the aspirant sound of the breath awakens awareness of the space around us. The gaze awakens internal awareness as we look inside to observe the content of our experience. Through inner alignment (the bandhas) we learn to stay with the present moment, to root and ground into the experience of being in the body and we find the place where the physical meets the energetic and emotional body.

To support our journey into the aspects of a concentrated mind we will look into the physical aspects that help us to understand the anatomy of the pelvic floor, the use of the legs in standing postures, seated postures, backbends and inversions. Several exercises will be used to make us aware of proper alignment of the physical body to awaken the subtle body that makes our practice an investment in and exploration of life at its most fulfilling.

The workshop is intended for all levels of practitioners, though some body awareness is helpful, a strong interest in yoga’s full potential is welcomed.

Day One – Session one: introduction to inner alignment

We will look at how the gaze, the breath and the inner form of an asana correlate while we flow through surya namaskar, standing postures and the first postures of the primary series.

Day One – Session two: the vinyasa system

This class will be a slower class with its focus on the verbal adjustments of the previous session up to seated postures, then we will look at some of the concepts involved in deepening for forward bends and will discuss postures we do in some detail.

Day Two – Session one: the floating diaphragms

The way the feet, pelvic and respiratory diaphragms interact connects to the gaze, the breath and the root of the tongue (talu mula). We will look at these connections as we do a flowing led primary seriesclass.

Day Two – Session two: groins and hips

We will examine various options for opening the hips in hip stretches, twists and groin stretches.

Day Three – Session one: back bending with grace

Here we explore the first postures of the intermediate seriesthrough examining the principles of back bending. Variations will be given to those not familiar with the deeper backbends. The class will be a flow class for the sun salutations and standing postures with detailed analysis of back bending postures.


Day Three – Session two: front lengthening

Doing deeper back bends require an understanding of the areas where we need to create more space and alternately where we move too easily, thereby risking injury. Tense fibers and connective tissue in the front line of the body restrict our ability to go deeper. Delving into the areas around the shoulders, along the front line of the body and into the hips in a series of warm ups, standing postures and twists, we will move towards deeper back bends. (For those interested in exploring the drop back we will work towards that).


Day Four – Session one:working towards forearm balance

Strengthening the shoulders and connecting to the core is essential components to forearm balance. This asana class focuses on how to strengthen the shoulders, release the neck, and connect to the core in a series of exercises to help bring awareness to the areas that awaken during forearm balance. We will work toward pinchamayurasana, giving variations along the way by focusing in the second part of the intermediate series.


Day Four – Session two: Core stability in arm balances

Balancing on one’s arms require the support of deep core work. Learn to access this area through exercises that help one to find the power points. This sets the base for connecting the arms and legs to the spine, bringing lightness into the postures. The workshop will cover some energetic principles and move back and forth from a flowing vinyasa class to more detailed support work to awaken the lower belly.


The workshop will conclude through a talk on how important daily yoga practice is for finding balance in our lives, having meaningful interactions in our relationships, and how to gain a deeper understanding that clears away confusing emotions.



Michael Hamilton has had a lifelong interest in contemplative practices. Born in South Africa he started with martial arts (age six), leading to an interest in the relationship between body and mind, its support structures in eastern philosophy, its expression through art and its culmination in meditation.

He teaches internal alignment through the practices of yoga as it has been developed in the Modern Yoga lineages of Krishnamacharya, while drawing on the ancient wisdom traditions that emphasizes cultivating the complementary practices of compassion and wisdom as the path towards transformation.

With an eye for detail, a concern for safety, a love of ancient wisdom and the belief in beginner’s mind he act as a spiritual friend to fellow travelers on the path.

His recent teaching draws strongly from the work he has done with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor, Doug Keller, Sayadaw U Vivekanada and Michael also received permission to teach Ashtanga Yoga from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois.

March 14th – 17th, 2019 / 6 hrs daily

RMB 3.950, Sign up one month before RMB 3.575

Place: FineYoga Beijing


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