Ashtanga Yoga Intensive with Michael Hamilton | 03-18

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive with Michael Hamilton

Cultivating the internal gaze


Advancing one’s practice requires the skills of focusing the mind and cultivating internal awareness, or the inner gaze. Join Michael in this 5 day intensive, intended for practitioners interested in deepening their asana practice, in contextualizing their understanding of yoga philosophy and adding to their skills as a teacher.

Morning practice (3 hrs) will commence with led classes in the Ashtanga tradition, drawing inspiration from the first two series of Ashtanga Yoga, and will close with breath work and meditation. Each day will have a different emphasis.

Afternoon classes (3 hrs) will consist of yoga philosophy, alignment in asana and teaching methodology. The themes for our program will include flexion twisting in asymmetrical forward bends, opening the hips for half lotus or leg behind the head poses, the principles of back bending, arm balancing and working towards the handstand.



Michael Hamilton is a dedicated student of yoga and vipassana meditation. Born in South Africa he started with martial arts at age six, leading to an interest in body practice, eastern philosophy and meditation.

He received permission to teach Ashtanga yoga from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois, and currently studies yoga with Richard Freeman and Doug Keller.

After many years practicing Zen Buddhism, vipassana meditation in the lineage of Mahasi Sayadaw became his focus.

Meditation studies and deep contemplative practice forms the foundation of his teachings on yoga and its integration into our daily lives. With an eye for detail and alignment, he emphasizes the internal practice of yoga through mindfulness.

March 23rd – 27th 2018 / 6 hrs daily

RMB 4300, Sign up one month before RMB 3900

Place: FineYoga Beijing

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Pls call: 139 1176 7529/ 010 8599 9566 to sign up, or email:

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