It’s my pleasure to learn and share.

“I never enjoyed sport before and I didn’t have much stamina. When I ran the 200 m in school I always came in last. If I can do Ashtanga, then you can do it”.

“Initially, I wanted to do yoga to lose weight, but it has given me much more than I expected. I am very happy and proud to be an Ashtanga yogi.”

“I think the best occupation in the world is being a yoga teacher, as we can bring the good effects of Yoga to the students’ bodies, minds and lifes.”

Sherri started Hatha Yoga in 2000.  In 2002 she began her Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice in Denmark with Lino Miele, and for more than 6 consecutive years Sherri spent several months in Pattabhi Jois’s yoga shala, Mysore-India in order to develop her personal practice as well as her teaching skills. Sherri attends teacher trainings, retreats and classes with other world renowned teachers on a continuing basis. She is the first online registered Anusara inspired yoga teacher of  mainland China.

Sherri did not have any physical sports or dancing background before Yoga practice and she encourages students doing Yoga regardless of age and physical conditions, and to practice with compassion and discipline. Ultimately opening the heart to enjoy the inner peace, which Yoga can bring upon.

In 2005, she took over the only Ashtanga Yoga centre in Beijing from her English Yoga teacher. The first name of the school was BeijingYOGA, which a bit later was changed into Fine Yoga (

While teaching and operating the present two diverse Yoga studios she continues her 2 hours daily practice. Because of her good English she can study various Yoga styles from many different teachers as well as read a multitude of books on various Yoga related subjects. She feels the pleasure of improvement and shares her joyfulness by teaching. She is grateful and passionate towards Yoga, as Yoga brings increased value and happiness to her life. With her deep understanding of Yoga and her good communication ability, you will find her classes lively and helpful.

Sherri’s students come to practice at Fine Yoga from all over the world and all enjoy the classes tremendously. Sherri is also the main teacher for Fine Yoga’s Yoga Alliance ( certified Yoga Teacher Training. She is teaching from her experience in a direct and effective way which enables her students to improve their level of practice and teaching greatly during the duration of the course.