All meals at the retreat center are served in buffet style and each meal has one meat dish and several vegetarian dishes. If the meals does not suit your needs then there are nearby restaurants of site. It is not allowed to kill animals for cooking within the retreat.

The mini supermarket is open 12 hours/day selling a range of brand Yoga clothes, Manduka mats, socks etc. Furthermore some daily necessities and a range of snacks including fresh fruits are for sale too. There are also nearby shops and fresh markets of site. Remember to bring your own books and favorite snacks, coffee etc.

The retreat is a suitable place for studying, practicing Yoga asana and meditation. Occasionally we will arrange group trips to nearby sights (for example hot spring and the old town). All are welcome to join these tours, which are organized on a non-profit basis. If you bring family members to the retreat then they are welcome to book our reliable drivers at the reception and go on tour during class hours.