Flow Yoga is about linking the breath with the pose as we flow from pose to pose in a smooth, easy manner — like Meditation in Motion. As we start to release our resistances and shed our layers of tension, a part of us begins to open up and flow with the present moment. Going with the flow of the moment, we become the Flow itself and a great sense of peace can be found.

Flow Yoga helps us to remember to stay in the Flow of Life, as it constantly changes. Yoga is ultimately about being comfortable in every single moment of our lives, and as we all know, this can be difficult at times, but Yoga practice is a great practice. Asana literally means to sit comfortably. We practice sitting comfortably in a Yoga pose so that we can continue to bring the comfortable feeling to every situation that arises in life.

Other benefits of Flow Yoga include an increase in flexibility and strength, an overall ease of bodily movements, better posture, improved breathing, and a better sleep. It reduces stress and tension, increases focus, mental clarity and concertration and you will find it easier to relax. As your level of energy increases and you become more centered and grounded, Yoga will start to become not just an hour of stretching, but a way of life, learning to let go and be in the moment of every day. Enjoy.

Flow Yoga is a kind of modified version of Ashtanga Yoga, and could be considered a steppingstone for people who would like to proceed to a Led Ashtanga class – Or it could be considered a fantastic work out, with added benefits, in its own right.

Hot Flow Yoga is to practice Flow Yoga in a heated room, which helps to warm the body, allowing you to work deep into your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.