an Early start is a gift.

With all our teachers trained by It’s Yoga Kids founder Michelle Wing, we can arrange 4 kinds of classes for different (age) groups:

  •  Toddlers 1-5 years old
  •  Kids 6-12 years old
  •  Teens 13-18 years old

And a special Family Yoga class:

  •  It’s Yoga Family (ages 5 and under, ages 6 – 12 and ages 13+)

Please call 13911767529 or email:, so we can make the schedule according to your convenience.

Fine Yoga founder Sherri Rao says :”From my experience, Yoga is working on my mind as well as on my physique. It makes me fit, healthy and more clear minded. I have changed my diet to a healthier one and I am clear about what to do and what not to do. I believe, in addition to giving the kids a healthy body, Yoga will enable them to be more sensible about what they eat and what they do. To become more responsible to others as well as to themselves, this will lead them to discover their full potential and to have the best lives they can.” 🙂