an Early start is a gift.

Recommended ages for our classes are children 4 – 16 years old.

We have 2 kind of classes for different age groups

1) for 4-10 years old ,

2) for 8-16 years old

Please call 13911209563, so we can make the schedule according to your convenience.

Sherri Rao participated in the foundation course of in Sweden the summer
of 2006 and continues on the advanced course which is an onging process lasting about one
Sherri was the first mainland Chinese ever to attend a YogaKids foundation course.

Sherri’s first job was as a teacher for 3 years at a primary school in her home town
(HuBei province) after graduating
from a professional teacher training
With solid foundation in Ashtanga,
she ‘s been teaching both adults and
children for 5 years.

Sherri says :”From my experience, yoga is
working on my mind as well as on my
physique. It makes me fit, healthy and
more clear minded. I have changed my
diet to a  healthier one and I am clear
about what to do and what not to do.
I believe, in addition to giving the kids a
healthy body, yoga will enable them to be more sensible about what they eat and what
they do. To become more responsible to others as well as to themselves, this will lead
them to discover their full potential and to have the best lives they can.”


She knows how to work and play with kids.

Those who have been to her class all know that she has an easy, warm personality,
and a profound understanding of yoga and a gentle approach to it.
Let your kids begin their first yoga session with Sherri.